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Entrepreneur Seminars in July 2014

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Entrepreneur Seminars in July 2014
by Pamela Liu - Thursday, 12 June 2014, 7:33 PM

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Date:                            July 5 - 6 (1 series only)
Venue:                         To be confirmed, Singapore, City area

Instructor:                   Pamela Lim (the first Singaporean to ever obtain a first level NASDAQ-SGX listing approval

                                                          Was Snr Lecturer(Strategy, E'ship, Innovation) in SMU, Dean's list for Teaching
                                                          Winner, Netrepreneur of the Year 2001,

                                                          The Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, 2000
                                                          Top 10 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 1999)
Cost:                             $900 (till 21 June or until seats are taken up) and $1,200 thereafter
For who:                      Current entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be
Mode:                          2 days' seminar + Online learning at home
Equipment needed:   An internet device with a presentation software (e.g. powerpoint/pdf)

If you have always been thinking of starting a business, or feel that you can do it better, then here's a chance to scoop it all up in just two days. My seminars will get you in shape for a great entrepreneurial journey ahead, starting with finding the right business idea.

Come this July, I will be conducting a series of courses to equip you for entrepreneurship. You will learn from my many years of research, tap on my own entrepreneurial journey and leverage on the same pedagogy I have deployed teaching in universities for more than a decade. I will share with you the same resources and research that have inspired hundreds of my students to become successful entrepreneurs.

These seminars were restructured to save you time without you having to spend the months learning these vital skills. There will only be one series from July 5 to July 6, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

The testimonials of successful entrepreneurs who started with not even an idea when they attended my classes are here.

And you can view a non-exhaustive list of all the successful entrepreneurs who started their businesses after/when attending my courses. Some of them were covered in print media here, and I keep a log of some of them here.

I cannot guarantee that you will be as successful as all my students featured here, but I can guarantee that you will have all the tools required to be successful.  The rest, as they say, is really up to you. 

Scholarship Special Note: If you are a Singaporean, jobless at the moment, willing to sweat it out for another start and your family income is less than S$2000, we will help you find a new way to earn an income. You can attend the same quality instruction free* as I believe you should not be deprived a chance to restart your life because you cannot afford our fees. But we ask that you contribute back to the society and create more jobs for those who were once in your shoes before you become successful. 

You will be asked to demonstrate that you are entrepreneurial enough to raise half the fees and complete the course successfully to be eligible. We only want to help people who are willing to go an extra mile to help themselves. Please email the Teaching Assistant, Zi Rong, for further details at if you need this scholarship.

*Documentary proof required, an administrative and technology fee of $50 applies to all scholarship students.