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Literacy and Numeracy Programs

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Literacy and Numeracy Programs
by Pamela Lim - Saturday, 13 August 2016, 2:57 PM

Our Reading Program starts in September 2016

... with expanded readings and now cater to younger readers

Limited Places!

Is your child reading well enough? Reading is the most fundamental skill in education. Only with good reading skills can students handle and excel in other subjects like writing, mathematics, sciences and humanities.

Unlike many reading programs, we allow your child to decide the pace at which he/she likes to learn. So we have students who can read at PreU level at 10 years old, and dyslexic children who learn to read like an average student.

All because we allow the child to learn at his own pace, yet force him out of his comfort zone a little at a time.

We are having a promotion our reading program starting in September 2016 for early birds, giving you a 40% discount from $50 per month. So for $30 a month, your child will have a chance to read materials from various genres and have access to an intelligent algorithm that paces him/her up the reading ladder.

This program is meant for children who are already reading at kindergarten level, meaning able to read a few lines of words.

Thank you!

* As usual, if your family income is less than $2000, the course is free for each member of the family, and if your family income is less than $3000, you pay half.


Math K-6 program starts in October 2016

... upskill everyday

All Gifted will be launching our long awaited Mathematics program for primary schoolers on 1 October 2016. Sign up early!

The Math K-6 program is a primary school math program that incorporates artificial intelligence. It first diagnoses the strengths, abilities and potential weakness of the child and then fields relevant questions to guide the child to higher and higher levels of achievements.

We use a Maxile system. The Maxile is invented by All Gifted and it calibrates a child's mathematics understanding across 11 mathematical fields and then further divide those fields into thousands of tracks. These thousands of tracks are then further divided in the tens of thousands of skills.

Every child will be tested and guided to the right skill and right track according to his/her ability, every single day. With a methodical way of upskilling a student, we are confident of increasing a child's mathematical skill everyday. In doing so, we maximize the learning opportunities and lessen the lead time. This should also translate to spending less time on mathematics everyday, yet achieving much more.

This is how we manage to guide students through materials in an average of three times faster than any school methods.

To enthuse a child, we have formatted our system into electronic games in line with the current trends. The child just needs to answer 5 questions incorporated into games. From his/her response, we continue to scale him according to his mathematical understand. This way, he learns something that is within his ability every single day. He gets a game score and a maxile level score everyday.


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